March 14th at 1pm-2pm (GMT) 

The 4-day working week continues to be a hot topic with companies trialling the concept across the globe in 2023.

But is it the right strategy for your organisation? Would it honestly increase productivity, retention and make it easier to recruit new employees?

Robert Walters, in partnership with pioneer of the global 4-day week movement, Andrew Barnes invite you to our upcoming webinar which will explore:

  • The background to the 4-day week concept
  • The impact it can have on productivity, retention and recruitment
  • How to implement a 4-day week trial

Hosted by Andrew Barnes founder of the 4 Day Week Global Foundation, we’ll also welcome Anne-Marie Lister, The CPO from Atom Bank who have recently trialled a 4-day week and our very own Indy Lachhar, Global HR Director of Robert Walters and Walters People who will provide insights into the possible benefits related to retention and recruitment.

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Andrew Barnes

Entrepreneur and Founder of the 4 Day Week Global Foundation

Andrew Barnes is the Founder of the 4 Day Week Global Foundation. A pioneer in this space, first trialling a 4 day week at his own company Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand, the trials huge success sparked widespread international interest. Today Barnes and the 4 Day Week Global Foundation are conducting the largest trials across the world with over 250 companies taking part.

Anne-Marie Lister

Chief People Officer
at Atom Bank

Anne-Marie Lister is the Chief People Officer at Atom bank. For the last eight years she has been responsible for building and scaling people systems, processes, the working environment, and culture of the award-winning team that launched the UK’s first app only bank. 

Indy Lachhar

Global HR Director - Robert Walters & Walters People

Indy Lachhar is the Global HR Director at Robert Walters & Walters People. She has worked across all three brands the Robert Walters Group over the past 7 years in various roles and developed and implemented many projects including the Group Talent Development Strategy.