How to create an inclusive culture to attract and retain the best talent

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Today’s global job market is as competitive as ever, with critical skills shortages and an ongoing war for talent hampering many companies’ ability to attract and retain the best talent. At the same time, professionals are beginning to look for more than just a pay cheque from their employers, instead seeking out purpose-driven employers with values aligned to their own.

Our research shows that talent from both majority and minority groups are eager to work for organisations with inclusive, values-based cultures. If the ‘war for talent’ is won or lost on company culture, what can be done to transform outdated company cultures into ones which are truly inclusive and desirable to top talent?

In this latest webinar from the Robert Walters Group, join ED&I expert Dan Robertson, Director at VERCIDA Consulting, as we explore:

  • The current skills shortage crisis and what motivates top talent to move roles
  • What an inclusive culture looks and feels like for all employees
  • Actionable steps for building an inclusive culture that appeals to both majority and minority groups

Dan will also be joined by Dr Chhaya Dhar Sinha, Head of Regional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Asia, MEA at Levi Strauss & Co., and John Nicholls, Senior Director and Country Site Lead at PayPal, who will share their experiences of cultural transformation and offer ideas and suggestions on how creating a more inclusive workplace can help your business to better attract and retain top talent.

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Dan Robertson

ED&I Expert and 
VERCIDA Consulting

Dan Robertson is the Director of VERCIDA Consulting. Dan has a particular expertise in the science and application of unconscious bias, leadership decision-making and behavioural science. He spends his days supporting global executives to turn diversity theory into meaningful actions. In 2019 and 2020, he was named by Hive Learning as a top 50 D&I leader and is a contributor to the 3rd edition of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook (2020).

Dr Chhaya Dhar Sinha

Head of Regional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Asia, MEA
Levi Strauss & Co.

Dr Chhaya Dhar Sinha is an experienced Human Resources professional, currently driving the regional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda for Asia, Middle East and Africa at Levi Strauss & Co. Previously, she has lead Area and Global D&I lead for Avanade and LEGO Group respectively, providing thought leadership and coaching to a diverse set of stakeholders within the organisations. She is committed to coaching and guiding leaders to drive transformational change through the system of truly meritocratic, collaborative and cohesive workplace culture. 

John Nicholls

Senior Director and
Country Site Lead

John Nicholls joined PayPal in 2018 as Country Site Lead and Senior Director for Global Customer Services, with over 22 years of international banking experience in 14 leadership roles across 8 countries globally. He is often invited to speak on the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. John is Chair Emeritus of Philippine Financial and Inter-industry Pride (PFIP), which he established in 2013 and has over 80 corporate member companies in SE Asia. At PayPal, John has helped build sustainable and equitable programmes to hire deaf talent and support women into leadership roles.